White Chalk Road

Revitalising Australia’s longest-running search marketing agency


Balancing content & design

Given their focus on SEO, the website houses a large volume of written content, which meant pages could easily overwhelm by their sheer size. The design focuses on a clean, minimalist presentation, helping the content be broken into more digestible chunks. Accompanied by new photography and visuals that reflect the business’ human-centric philosophy, the new website brought a much needed update to the brand’s visual design language.


Modular design system

As White Chalk Road continually optimise their website, their web content is constantly changing to keep up with industry trends and evolving search habits. A custom layout system was built, allowing editors to quickly build and modify pages with ease. Like a mini page builder, these dynamic modules allow editors to produce varied layouts to suit their content while maintaining visual consistency on the front-end, ensuring the design remains responsive, accessible and eye-catching.